Norway Travel Guide

We visited Norway just twice and we already want to go back. The first time was in summer when we did a road trip through some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords and charming towns. The second time was just a few months later, in winter, when I visited Tromsø in Northern Norway to experience some of the incredible winter activities like dog sledding, northern lights, and more.

Here you can find all the blog posts from our trips to Norway. They are filled with travel inspiration and lots of practical tips to help you plan your own unforgettable trip to Norway.

Whether you are visiting Norway with family or alone, in summer or in winter – these guides should be a good starting point in deciding where to go, best places to see, and best activities not to miss.

This is by no means a complete guide to Norway. It’s such a big country with so much more to see and do, and we just scratched the surface. But if you are visiting Norway for the first time then this is a good place to start. See below!

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Lysefjord in Norway
Northern Lights in Tromso Norway
Scenic Flam railway in Norway

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Norway Travel Tips

Norway Trip Itinerary

Stavanger Region (Southwestern Norway)

Flam (Southwestern Norway)

Tromsø Region (Northern Norway)

How to Plan Your Trip to Norway

Budget Your Trip to Norway

Norway is not cheap, but there are many ways to make your trip more affordable. Travel in shoulder season if you can, book everything (hotels, car rental, tours) in advance, etc.

Packing for Norway

Here’s the most complete packing guide for Norway in summer (winter list to follow soon):

Accommodation in Norway

In general I advice to book your accommodation for Norway as soon as you know your travel dates. Especially if you travel to Norway’s fjords in July or August or toTromsø in February-March, book your accommodation well in advance.

Car Rental in Norway

Flying to Norway

Norway is a big country, so don’t get mislead thinking you can drive and see the best of Norway in just a week or two. Fly the big distances.

Travel Insurance

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Norway travel tips and advice